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Mickey Storm and the Cursed Mask

The world's greatest water park

In this resort full of wild adventures and thrilling waterslides, only Mickey Storm and his sister can stop the evil Dr. Fisher. This vicious villain has enchanted the entire park to trap your parents. Why? Because they are none other than the world famous Storm spies.


Official release date
24 August 2021

Developed by
Triangle Studios


Want to be a world famous spy?


  • Play as either Mickey or Jenny Storm and save your parents from the evil Dr. Fisher.
  • Work together with your special spy vlogging drone B.U.D.D.Y.
  • Platform, slide and choose your own route through 74 adventure-soaked levels.
  • Unlock 16 wild rides including a Spy Scooter, Jetski, Penguin, Roborca, and many more.
  • Face nail-biting challenges in all of the areas in the waterpark. From the Tropical Trove and Volcanic Vistas to the Futureland and Forgotten Jungle.
  • Team up as both Storms in local co-op multiplayer, and prepare yourself for various boss fights against Dr. Fisher.


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