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Angry Alligator

Dominate the swamps

Embark on a swamptastic adventure to grow into the biggest, baddest gator of your swamp town. The fate of the swamp and all that reside within, lies on your scaled shoulders. Horrible hoomans have taken over and only you can scare them away!


Official release date
19 October 2021

Developed by


Are you hungry for adventure?


  • Join a small alligator on a big adventure to free his home from those horrible hoomans. Nobody messes with your swamp.
  • Grow into the biggest gator in the swamp and eat everything that’s in your way: from frogs, birds and even bears, to the source of all evil – hoomans!
  • Become one with the wisdom of Wisecroc and learn the ways of the swamp.
  • Choose from various alligators to play as – or even dress them up. Who said alligators can’t wear hats? Or wigs?
  • Explore a colorful and massive open world filled with creatures to meet and eat, hoomans to scare away, boss beasts to fight and plenty of secrets to discover.
  • Do all you can to mess with those stinky hoomans: raid their camps, pull them through toilets or even blow things up using EXPLOSIONS! It’s revenge time.


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