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Astro Chef

Explore, Experiment and Master

Dive into Astro Chef, a VR culinary adventure like no other! Serve exotic dishes to unique alien customers and rebuild the restaurant's reputation. Master alien ingredients, tackle cosmic puzzles, and experience the thrill of VR cooking solo or in co-op mode.

Are you the next Astro Chef?


Single Player & Co-op Gameplay
Choose your path, whether to single-handedly restore your Uncle’s restaurant to its former glory or team up with a friend in a dynamic co-op mode. In co-op, one player dons the VR headset while the other assists with the Intergalactic Kitchen Manual making teamwork and communication key to your success.

Explore, Experiment, and Excel
With an array of alien ingredients at your disposal, discover the perfect combinations to delight your customers. Utilize unique, otherworldly kitchen tools to craft dishes that are as delightful to look at as they are to serve.

Face Fun & Challenging Progression
As you progress through themed chapters, the complexity of dishes increases, testing your culinary skills and adaptability. With each stellar rating, you’re one step closer to becoming the ultimate Astro Chef.

Immerse Yourself in Stunning Visuals
Enjoy a game world brimming with vibrant art, detailed environments, and a cast of charming alien customers.


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