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About us

Creating games that make the world smile.

Born from development,evolved to publishing.

After being active as developers for almost 20 years we founded Lion Castle in 2016 and developed ourselves as a global publisher in the gaming industry.

Lion Castle is built on world class development talent, industry veterans and creative vision. We work with the biggest names in the industry to bring our titles on all platforms to every home.

always on the frontier.

Lion Castle is a global publisher of videogames, working together with the world’s largest brands, partners and talent to deliver the best gaming experiences for our audiences. We develop, publish and market videogames for al platforms.

our prideful lions.

some of our global partners.

want to become our newest lion?

As we continue to grow and expand we are seeking new lions that want to join our team and are excited to be part of our journey in the entertainment industry.

Helping developers.

Working on a new game and looking for advice or a publishing partner? We are happy to help in all phases of the development and publishing cycles.

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