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born from development
evolved to publishing

born from development
evolved to publishing

Lion Castle was founded by industry veterans that have been creating indie games for over 20 years. With a dedication to gamers and developers alike, we are a publisher wanting to help create the best possible games and put them in the hands of millions of players.

Why work with us? Because we are an indie studio at heart, and we love games. We support our gaming partners from the creative process all the way to releasing great content to players worldwide. We also help transform licenses into interactive experiences that are designed to engage audiences on all platforms.

our core values

humans hard at work

At Lion Castle, we offer a great work environment where we learn and grow from each other. We don’t believe in limits; we believe in rising above challenges together. 

We promote a good work / life balance and avoid crunch at all costs. In return, our employees bring their passion to work and help us develop the best projects.

focus on innovation

We strongly believe in innovation, trying new approaches, methods, and ideas. We like to push our limits and learn from our mistakes.

We continue to grow and expand our knowledge to better serve gamers and developers alike.

all about team effort

We are strong believers in working together with developers to make a true impact. Our experience, investment and passion for every project makes us a valuable partner for development teams.

It is not only about the finish line, but also the journey; and we are determined to support developers reach their goals.

always on the lookout

We are always looking for innovative, inspirational, and creative opportunities in the independent gaming sector. We work with a long-term goal in mind: create interactive experiences that are designed to be fun and engaging for all audiences.

To achieve our goal, we collaborate with investors and partners that are in the business of building meaningful experiences and expanding players’ horizons. We don’t limit ourselves to one type or genre of game; we are passionate about games, and work hard on bringing them across the spectrum of our industry.​

what we offer

At Lion Castle, our dedicated team works closely together with developers to release exciting games across all major platforms such as PC, consoles, and VR.

We offer a variety of services, including PR, Marketing, Advertising, Licensing, full cycle Publishing, Product Strategy, Distribution, Social Media Management, and anything else development teams might need.

our global partners

and many more

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